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Keep your copyrights safe and away from unauthorized persons and places

When investing in your copyrights security, subscribing to a plan we offer is a critical step to guarantee your success. Selecting the audit or protection plan that is best adapted to your needs can give you the winning combination to help you in the difficult task of increasing your financial income.

Please, choose the best plan for your specific needs and learn what you can expect from it:

Mini Report

Audit Service

Allow you to know if your work is in risk or not. It is as simple as that!.

Basic Report

Audit Service

The appropriate option to allow you to know what is your work's piracy level to make or not decision to protect it. You will get the basic key indicator report.

Full Report

Audit Service

This is the appropriate option if you desire, besides knowing which is your work's piracy level, managing on your own the notifications to infractors. You will get all key indicators and the infringing links or URL's full report.

Premium Unlimited

Protection Service

For most demanding customer, the most rigorous Service. Basic key indicators, infringing links or URL's full report and notification managing service. All in one.

How do we do it

A mixture between our high-level technologies and legal expertise

Complete Procedure for a Protection Service:





Tracking and Detection

Thanks to our powerful tracking and monitoring robotic distributed systems that use the most advanced technologies of the expert systems as Smart Robotic Autonomous Browsing (SRAB)™, heuristic methodologies, non invasive tracking technics, behavioral patterns and automatic learning algorithms, we filter and acquire the best results in the automated identification of the contents we are auditing and/or protecting.

Our robotic workers check and ensure — 24 hours per day and 365 days per year — that detected contents are in fact breaking copyright before scale them to next phase.

Documentation and Monitoring

Offender procedures and infringements evidences are collected for a potential later use by our and/or customer legal services.

Monitoring occurs across the entire lifecycle of the infractions (from detection to illegal content removal or service end), 24 hours per day and 7 days per week

Enforcement: Notification and Removal or Litigation

We notify of the illegal situation of all contents detected and we formally require for them to be removed immediately throughout several phases to domain's owner, to domain's hoster and to search engines.

All our claims are based on the appropiate international law that best fit the infringements, thanks to our system ability to geolocate them.

Our legal team of experts do the rest.


Comprehensive and user-friendly digital reports allow you to understand the existing piracy around your copyrights.

Depending on the service contracted you can get basic indicators or complete statistics.

Where we do it

Complete protection services against digital piracy

Digital piracy and copyright violations hit equally both Authors and Publishers. They see how their copyrights are increasingly distributed and freely promoted over the Internet without their permission or authorization, and therefore loosing the financial income.

Avoid and permanently stop your copyrights being pirated

After overcoming many technological challenges, was finally launched at the end of 2011.

is a powerful protection service based on the most advanced technologies and our international legal expertise that enables authors and publishers to successfully prevent digital piracy in a smart, professional and proactive way, transforming your protection investment in new income.

Thanks to our powerful real time tracking and monitoring robotic systems we are able to handle very large amounts of data in a very short periods of time to find out where the illegitimate contents are, and proceed automatically to their immediate removal.

Book Industry

Target Assets: Books, Documents, Newspapers, Magazines

Music & Sound Industry

Target Assets: Audio Tracks, Audio Streamings, Music Scores

Movie & Video Industry

Target Assets: Photografies, Video Files, Video Streaming

Software Industry

Target Assets: Software Packages, Apps, Social Networks

What our clients say:

«I’m very satisfied with the service provided by RightsGuardian. I don’t need to watch for the webpages where my books are pirated. They do it for me, and in a much more effective way, by deactivating the pages, wherever they are. The reporting system they use is also very satisfactory.»
Laura Rodríguez | Publisher | Hércules

«An unavoidable protection today. It makes much more sense that a DRM. The advantage of working with RightsGuardian is their transparency in addition to their spectacular effectiveness.»
Agustín Paniker | CEO | Kairós

«RightsGuardian is one of the few options that publishers have when trying to protect our books from piracy. It is a very effective and powerful service with which we have been working since 2012 with a high level of satisfaction.»
Rocío de Isasa | Digital Director | Maeva

«95,5% of our customers are quite or very satisfied with our Customer Care Support Service»

Some of the highest ranking and successful companies and organizations, among the 1800 authors and publishers who have already entrusted in our services:

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